I've been playing with HoudahGeo for the past couple of days and it's by far the nicest solution of its kind to use.

I've been geotagging my Aperture referenced masters from gpx tracks. But I've found that the EXIF long/lat finds its way back to Aperture, but not the reverse geocoded IPTC tags for country/city.

The tags are there in the master file but are not showing in Aperture. Am I doing something wrong? Is this an Aperture bug. If so, does anyone know a workaround?

This isn't the end of the world but it is frustrating as I was hoping for an all-in-one solution.

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This is not so much a bug as a limitation of Aperture.

The operation is labeled as "Reload EXIF" and that's indeed all it does. It reloads EXIF only. Not IPTC.

Actually one would hope or expect for it to reload the same metadata as Aperture does on initial import. Unfortunately it does not. I have reported this to [URL=][/URL]. I would suggest all Aperture users do the same.

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First I want to say, I'm glad to be a new user of Houdahgeo. I've spent a few days (and many many hours) trying to get a work-flow down since my AMOD AGL3080 tracker arrived in the mail. Geophoto was my first purchase (which I regret) but then I tried your fully functioning demo (despite a 5 pic export limit). After going back and worth between the two and finding what each does and doesn't do, Houdahgeo just made it plain easy to geotag photos. When I finally made my decision to stick with Houdahgeo, the only thing I noticed was whenever I imported photos directly from an Aperture project, the lat/lon/alt values ever so beautifully went in but the Country/Providence/State values didn't show up even after doing the "update EXIF from master" command. Not remembering that the country/state values are IPTC tags, I would have saved hours of banging my head on the wall. Thanks goatcatcher for bringing this into light. I will be sure to send this bug to apple as well.

I guess for now I'll be happy geotagging my photos in a scratch folder before I import them into Aperture.

Let the geotagging begin!!!

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I also use an AMOD AGL 3080. Here is my workflow:

1. Utilize the Image Capture application to transfer my photo files from the memory card to a folder on my Desktop. (Image Capture is standard on every Mac. I do not use Aperture to load the photos onto the computer.)

2. Open HoudaGeo, click the "Add Images from File" button, navigate to the folder on my desktop and add the new images to HoudaGeo.

3. Connect my AMOD device to the Mac, click on "Load GPS data from file" in HoudaGeo (fourth button from the left), navigate to the geolog file on the geotracker, which appears as an external drive and load the log file or files into HoudaGeo, which, then geotags the photo files.

4. Click on "Reverse Geocode Images" (the button with two arrows pointing to the left, in order to add city, country and altitude.

5 Click on "Write EXIF/XMP/IPTC tags" and save the resulting folder in a place that I can find it.

6. Open Aperture, click Import, Local Files, navigate to the folder full of newly geocoded images and import them to Aperture. It is at this point that I adjust file names, add keywords, etc.

This workflow geotags the masters before they are even loaded into Aperture. It seems to work quite reliably.
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