I've had Houdah Spot for a while and have to admit I never used it.  I was wanting to make two smart folders today that included all files in a folder that didn't have a tag and another one for all files that didn't have a spotlight comment.

I'm not sure why but I was shocked to not see an is "blank" option or doesn't have option.  I've spent two hours searching but got no where then I remembered I had Houdah Spot and thought this would be the perfect time to try it.  

After an hour reading the forums I'm not sure if Houdah Spot is able to do it either.

I would be grateful if any of you extremely bright members could point me in the right direction if it can be done or save me from more searching if it can't be.

Is there a way to do a save search for files and folders that don't have a tag assigned and files and folders that don't have a spot light comment.

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HoudahSpot can group criteria using boolean operators. You need the "NONE of the following are true" group to negate a criterion.
Just select the criteria you want to group and then add the group from the toolbar or menu.
You can always drag and drop criteria to move them in and out of groups.

To find files that have any tag / comment, enter "*" (without the quotes) as value for the criterion.

Nest that criterion on a NONE group and it will give you files that have no tag.

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Thanks for your reply.  That's going to help me a lot
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