HoudaSpot's Inspector shows that some of my files have a "Keyword" attribute while others do not. For the files that do, it looks like you can edit the contents of the Keyword attribute, but in fact, those edits disapear once the Inspector window closes.

Question 1: Is there any way to use HoudaSpot to edit the contents of a file's Keyword attribute when that attribute is visable in Inspector?

Question 2: Can HoudaSpot create and populate a Keyword attribute for files that don't have a Keyword attribute?

Question 3: If HoudaSpot can't do these two things, is there any other way to do them?


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Sorry, the Inspector should not give the appearance of being editable.

HoudahSpot cannot edit keywords. Keywords can only be edited by the application which created them.

Alternatively you could check out the Tags application to tag your files. These tags are searchable by HoudahSpot.

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