If photos have keywords inserted into them in their metadata, is there any way to find them via Houdah Spot?

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HoudahSpot searches the Spotlight index. Spotlight relies on importer plug-in to extract metadata from various file types. Such importer plug-ins are installed with the system and with third party applications that use custom file formats.

For most image file types the Spotlight importers are provided by the system. Yet I can't say for sure if these will pick up the kind of keyword you added to your photos.

Use the File Info window in HoudahSpot to check a photo that you know to have keywords. See the "Inspect File Metadata with HoudahSpot" blog post for details.

If you see your keywords listed in a row labelled "Keywords", you will be able to use a criterion named "Keywords" in the Refine pane to search for other photos with keywords. Actually, you can drag the Keywords row from the Info pane to the Refine pane to add a criterion that finds other photos sharing the same keyword.

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Hi Pierre,

That all worked perfectly, THANK YOU!
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