my device:
2015 RMBP 13, OS X 10.10.3
iPhone6plus iOS 8.3, no jail break

Im running MacID and t2p at the same time and t2p can't connect to the phone.
but t2p works very well after quitting MacID.

I like both of t2p and MacID and I want to keep them running together. 
for more info about MacID pls check

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Thanks for reporting this problem. When we tried, there also seem to be some problems connection from Mac to iPhone. However, we were successful in connnecting from iPhone to Mac via the Bluetooth preferences. Please give it a try. We don't know yet, if the problem in the other direction can be fixed.


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I signed up here just so I could find out about this exact issue.  

I, too, have MacID and was looking to get t2p.  Is this still an issue?

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I also use Type2Phone and MacID, and there definitely seems to be a conflict.

Yes, I can go through the process of reconnecting via the Bluetooth settings over and over again, but that makes Type2Phone useless. I don't have time to reconnect from scratch every time I want to use this app. It completely loses its connection and forces me to forget the device on both devices every time I launch it. Then I need to set up both Type2Phone and MacID again from scratch.

Please give fixing this some priority. I'm going to stop using Type2Phone until this is resolved, since if I have to choose between the two apps, MacID is a bit more useful. I sure would like to be able to use both.

By the way, I have the current versions of everything on both devices: El Capitan and iOS 9.x.
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Same problem here!
my device
MBA2013, OX 10.11.1
Iphone6s IOS9.3
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