Although iTunes is a firewall exception in Snow Leopard security settings, I get a security warning every time I try to start a song directly from Houdahspot.  The only way to avoid it is to stop the firewall altogether.  Not smart.  Is this fixed in Lion or is there a Houdahspot fix coming?  Love the program, anyway.
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iTunes needs the incoming connection for the sharing feature.

On Lion, with firewall enabled, I see the warning each time iTunes is launched. No matter if it is launched from the Finder or opening a song from HoudahSpot.

Once iTunes is running, I can open songs from HoudahSpot without seeing a fresh warning.

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Seems like Mac OS X should have an "Always Allow" checkbox as quite common in Windows.  Still getting used to Mac's indiosyncrasies, I guess.  Thanks for the prompt reply - can't wait to begin using my new iMac at work, but I can't get away without using Parallels and Windows 7 as long as we have Exchange Server 2003 email.  Bummer.

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