Am having a hard time getting Houdah to find files on one particular hard drive (I think only one - I could be wrong...)

I noticed that Houdah has no problem with my main drive, which is formatted as MAC EXTENDED (JOURNALED).

However, the drive where it's not finding stuff is formatted as MAC EXTENDED - apparently, not JOURNALED.

Does the JOURNALED status of the drive make a difference? 

Is there any other reason why Houdah apparently can't read the metadata on a given drive? 

(I didn't use the MAC EXTENDED (JOURNALED) on this particular drive because I copied all the files from a linux computer, and I was told, correctly, that Linux can read MAC EXTENDED but not  JOURNALED.)

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Sorry for the delayed reply.

Journaling should make no difference. Most Mac drives these days are journaled.

I would suspect that your drive has some kind of problem with its Spotlight index and suggest rebuilding the index.

HoudahSpot versions prior to 2.5 were unable to find files that had "never" been opened.

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