My smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 6) has an option to save photos in RAW format, in addition to JPEG. (RAW only is not an option, BTW.) The JPEG files have geotags from the phone GPS, but the RAW files don't. After I import the photos in Lightroom, GPS coordinates are not visible. HoudahGeo doesn't show them either.

Arguably, there are bugs:
- In the phone software: Both RAW and JPEG siblings should have the same GPS metadata.
- In Adobe Lightroom: It could read metadata in both RAW and JPEG versions, and detect missing GPS metadata in RAW version. Or offer the option to read GPS metadata from JPEG version.

Feature request for HoudahGeo:

1. (Preferred) When adding photos in RAW format from Lightroom, and GPS coordinates are missing, automatically try reading them from a sibling image in JPEG (same file path but with a JPEG extension).

2. Alternatively, do the same but manually, with a new geocoding method: "Geocode from JPEG version". For a RAW file, would try reading coordinates from its JPEG sibling.

I found a workaround, but it is not optimal:
Prior to import in Lightroom, copy GPS tags from the JPEG version onto the RAW version. Can be done either with an exiftool command as explained here, or with HoudahGeo itself with its "Geocode from Reference Photos…" feature.
Drawback: Adds work in my import workflow, and modifies the original RAW files.

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I can recommend one more workaround.

1. Load the geotagged RAWs into HoudahGeo
2. Export to EXIF/XMP and select the option to create missing XMP sidecars
3. Load the JPEGs into HoudahGeo. HoudahGeo will read from the XMP sidecars rather than the JPEGs. You should thus see geotags
4. Export to EXIF/XMP and select the option to ignore the XMP sidecars. HoudahGeo will write the geotags to the JPEGs


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This workaround works too, thanks. (Though the issue is the other way around: the original RAW files have no geotags, but the JPEG files do. I easily permute RAW and JPEG in your explanation. When importing siblings, Lightroom reads RAW version only.)

Still adds many steps and clicks prior to every time I import photos in Lightroom, which would be great to avoid.
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