Is there a seperate keyword management window where we can see all the keywords listed like it is in iphoto? 

Also I would to give two suggestions.

1. about keywords:
Let's say we have two pictures and want to assign keywords.

picture 1 has keywords aaaa, bbbb written in the keyword box.
picture 2 has keywords bbbb, aaaa written in the keyword box. (note that keyword order is different)

I want to add keyword cccc to both pictures and select these two, and the wording in the keyword box changes to 'multiple values' and when i enter cccc, the program deletes the previous aaaa and bbbb from both pictures and writes cccc only. 
Program should not delete the existing keywords.

2. suggestion is about 'Process' window.
It would be great if we could adjust the width of the inspector section in the Process window. We can adjust the Map-Images part but we can't in Maps&Images-Inspector part. This will allow us to see the seleceted picture in a bigger preview panel.

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Thank you for the feedback.

HoudahGeo currently sets the keywords to the list you supply.
I agree that the behavior of adding / removing keywords during edit can also be useful.

Pierre Bernard
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