When I import my photos to geotag them, I also add keywords to relevant photos. Often, I'm working with several hundred photos that were taken in different areas and it becomes somewhat tedious. 

I tend to visit most of the same areas and I have started to wonder if there is a way to save keywords from earlier sessions so I can just start to type the first few letters and have them pop up? I know this occurs during each session, but I have to start from scratch the next time I bring a fresh batch of photos into HoudahGeo.

Or, is this a feature that already exists that I somehow managed to miss? I'm currently using HoudahGeo version 4.5 (12873). I'm going to upgrade shortly, but just wanted to touch base and make sure I hadn't overlooked this possible feature?

If it doesn't exist yet, I'd like to suggest it. Perhaps some type of a keyword database that every user has the option to use in the Preferences where HoudahGeo remembers all the keywords that have been used previously and makes them available with just a click or two again.

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Hi Jerry,

Thank you for the feedback. 

A persistent history of keywords in on the todo-list.


Pierre Bernard
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