I mistakenly erased my WinTec after downloading to HoudahGPS before using HoudahGeo to geotag my photos. I've used HoudahGPS to convert the KML file to GPX, but HoudahGeo says there is no time info in the tracks, and won't use it to geocode my photos.

Is there any solution to this? I've looked at the GPX file with TextEdit, and I can see references to "time" for each track point, but HoudahGeo doesn't want to use them.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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I am sorry to confirm that time information gets lost when converting to KML. Though timestamps are still visible, they are no longer machine readable as they are only available as HTML text.

Converting back to GPX does not restore the timestamps. The resulting GPX file can thus not be used for geocoding.

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