I literally just bought this app and have been playing around with it, but I'm noticing a lot of lag after abut 5 minutes. 

My setup is a little unusual in that I'm often connecting into my Mac via the Synergy KVM, so initially I thought maybe that was the issue. However connecting a keyboard directly also had the same issue. It seems to occur when I start the app, go to another window (such as a browser) to do something that then come back to it. Every time I do, it gets just a little bit worse and worse. 

Is this a common problem?
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Oh, it's a Mac Mini 2GHz Core 2 Duo with 4GB of memory and running Lion.
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Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems.
No, this is not a common problem.

Do you see a delay in the text to appearing on the iPhone?

It is quite normal for the text to appear delayed in the Type2Phone window itself. The character tiles start outside the window and slide in. Also Type2Phone is trying to match the animation speed to an average of your typing speed.

Do you find the animation to be delayed more than normal after switching to the browser and back?

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Yes, looking at it closely I see that the delay also occurs with the app itself. There is a gap between typing on the keyboard and the animation scrolling letters through, and this seems to correlate with when the text appears on the iPad.
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