My laptop died and I replaced it with a similar MacBook and am restoring things from an old spare disk (not TimeMachine). HoudahSpot wants me to input license info again. I found a screenshot I had taken of the original install and put in the activation number I got in Oct 2011, but want to be sure this doesn't count as a new computer (i bought a 5-pack license), since the old computer motherboard fried and it's not worth fixing, so just will use it for spare parts I guess. Anyway is there a way to tell how many of the 5 I've used? It should be just 2 at the moment (a MacPro and the MacBook). Can you mail me a license file in case I have more problems? If you don't know my email address send a private message and will reply with it.

I use HoudahSpot constantly and am so glad I discovered it. It makes life a lot easier when you can't remember where something is or what it was called or lots of other memory related issues ;-)

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