Hello there,
Wonderful App that I've been using regularly for a long time...

One nice feature would be to be able to resize the preview window, to get larger previews : I do my geocoding by hand, and match things using google street view from inside google earth, so I need to see the picture in a larger size to match accurately

Even better would be to integrate the picture inside google earth's window, or allow to enlarge houdahgeo's google earth floating panel...

Hope I'll be heard

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Thanks for the feedback.

Your request for a larger preview has been duly noted.

Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s. à r. l.

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Alternatively (or in addition to) a larger preview, what would work would be to add Quick Look capability. I also use HoudahGeo primarily to geocode photos manually (rather than from a GPS track), and it would help a great deal to be able to see details in a larger version of the photo.
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