Hello, I'm am interested in buying your software, but I just bought a Leica D-Lux 4 (which is supposed to be the same as a Panasonic Lumix LX3).

The RAW format file is a .RWL which your software does not recognize. Oddly, if I change the file extension to .RAW, it seems to recognize it as a Panasonic RAW file, AND it will tag it correctly. I can then change it back to .RWL, run it through Capture One (RAW imaging software that came with the camera) and then upload it to Flickr, and the GeoTagging comes through with flying colors.

What I don't get is a preview, which makes tagging the photos difficult.

I think both of the cameras are "up & coming" and rather popular. I would be happy to supply some .RWL files for you to play with if you were interested in supporting them.


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HoudahGeo relies on operating system level [URL=]support for RAW files[/URL]. As long as Apple does not support a given file type, neither can we.

Please watch for Mac OS X updates to include support of newer file formats. You may also report your request to Apple.

Pierre Bernard
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Thanks for your prompt reply. I was afraid that be the answer. I look forward to buying your tool in the future.
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Here's how I deal with this problem (I have a Panasonci LX3):

• Extract jpeg images from the RAW files with "Instant JPEG from RAW" ( They will end up ina sub-folder called "extracted_jpegs" or something like that.

• Geocode the extracted JPEG images with HoudahGeo. When done, write the geocode information as external XMP sidecar files, rather than embedding the information into the JPEG files.

• Move the XMP files from the "extracted_jpegs" sub-folder to the main folder containing the RAW files. Delete the "extracted_jpeg" folder, as the JPEGs are no longer needed.

• Launch Adobe Bridge, which recognizes the XMP files and displays the geocoded data. I add other metadata at this point, and continue to do the usual things with the RAW files. This approach should also work with Lightroom, Aperture, Capture One and other RAW converters that read/write XMP files.


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Thanks Drdul... I'll give that workflow a look-see!
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