The Libraries section in the top left window has a message when I click on the exclamation mark to the right of iPhoto that tells me that the iPhoto library cannot be used because it is missing.  It may have been deleted, moved or renamed.

When I look in the Photos app Preferences the path to my library location is: -

myname/Pictures/Photos Library

The Use as System Photo Library button is greyed out so I assume it is already being used as the system photo library.

I am using OSX 10.12.2 - Photos V2.0

I can't remember, but am assuming that Photos has replaced iPhotos.  When I compare the albums, there are new images in Photos that are not in iPhotos.

How do I force HoudahGeo to look at the correct library?  There is nothing obvious in the Preferences, and nothing I can find that is relative and recent in the forum.


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HoudahGeo tries to load libraries from the following applications: Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture and Adobe Lightroom.
It first checks if the application is installed. Then reads preferences of these applications to find the current library.

Apple Photos has replaced iPhoto in Apple’s product line-up. Apple Photos on your Mac has imported your iPhoto library. Yet iPhoto is still installed and preferences remember the last iPhoto library you have used before upgrading to Apple Photos.

You can edit the the preferences file used list iPhoto libraries. The easiest way to do so is:

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/
2. Paste in the following command:

defaults delete iPhotoLastOpenedDatabase

3. Press Return or Enter
4. Paste in the following command:

defaults delete iPhotoRecentDatabases

5. Press Return or Enter
6. Relaunch HoudahGeo

The above commands remove the values for iPhotoLastOpenedDatabase and iPhotoRecentDatabases from the preferences file.


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That fixed it!

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