I purchased HoudahSpot 4 but every time it launches I have to re-register, entering the license code each time. I click Activate and it appears to register, but then when launching later, I have to register again. How can I get the license and registration to hold?

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Activation creates a license file. This is downloaded to your mac where it unlocks HoudahSpot. You are also emailed a backup copy.

HoudahSpot should install the license file in ~/Library/Application Support/com.houdah.HoudahSpot4/License.hhsplicense
It seems this has failed.

Please check that the "~/Library/Application Support/com.houdah.HoudahSpot4” folder exists. If it does not, create it using Finder.
To access the ~/Library folder, hold down the option key as you click the Go menu in Finder. Select Library from the menu.

You can also install the license file manually. Save the file you have received as email attachment. Rename it to License.hhsplicense and copy it into ~/Library/Application Support/com.houdah.HoudahSpot4

The Finder should not ask for a password in the process. If it does ask, then there is a permsissions problem you should fix. You should have full rights to the Application Support and com.houdah.HoudahSpot4 folders. These are part of your home folder and should belong to your user account.


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