I am new to geotagging so forgive me if these are dumb questions.

Currently, I am shooting RAW (.cr2 files) on a Canon 5D Mark II and then I import the images into Lightroom 2.2. I just tagged a photo using HoudahGeo and then I am trying to save the GPS data back out with the original image.

1. It seems like HoudahGeo always wants to save a new file. I have checked the tag originals / masters option. Does this option not work with Lightroom? I saw that iPhoto and Aperture are supported, but no mention of Lightroom.

2. I was able to tag a photo and then import into Lightroom and it seemed to work OK. Is this what I should do? Seems like I would be best to tag all the photos before I import them into Lightroom.

Thanks for the advice. I am just trying to figure out the best way to do things.


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You need to uncheck the "Create copies" option. HoudahGeo will then write back to the existing files. In Lightroom, you would ask to reload metadata from XMP.

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