I like HoudahSpot really!
I just think there is a small functional add-on that would make this perfect.... eg like it exists in LEAP (Ironic Software)

If you use Tags (I use them almost exclusively... i.e. I basically do not use directories, just classify my files with tags -- and I am NOT taking about music here... )
A key operation for me is to look for files that have certain Tags eg
"Internet of Things" and then go fine in the choice.... 
So I would like to see for the set of "IOT" what choices I had eg "White Papers", "Analyst Reports", "Overviews" etc

What I would like to see: once a set is chosen, a list of the tags for the set, so that I can then "refine" by simply clicking the next category/tag....

Technically is not difficult to find the list of tags available in the set.... so perhaps this could be a next feature?

Happy to clarify if needed... but as mentioned Tools like Leap do it

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Thank you for the suggestion.

We are about to release HoudahSpot 5.0. This does not include such a feature (tag list or tag cloud).
I have noted your feature request.

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