Good day Houdah team,

I tried Tembo today and experienced the following issue : when searching for some keywords in a document from my ~/Documents folder, Tembo finds the document right away if "User Home" is highlighted in the "Where" section. But if "Local Volumes" is highlighted, the search works 1 times out of 10 or so. Most of the time, the gray spinning wheel will disappear after a few seconds with no results shown. I have no such issue with Spotlight.
I tried to set "User Home" as the default scope as a workaround, but there seems to be no options in Tembo for a default scope (if you close the window and open it again, it goes back to "Local Volumes" scope).

Any idea why the "Local Volumes" search would work intermittently ?
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The most likely explanation would be a corrupted Spotlight index.
Could you try rebuilding the Spotlight index?

Please also check /Applications/Utilities/ for error messages.

The spinning wheel will disappear if Spotlight fails to produce any new results for a certain amount of time. If Spotlight is slow to respond, new results could appear after the wheel stopped spinning.

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