I just started using HoudahGeo after migrating to Apple Photos from Aperture.  I have many GPS coordinates which I use over and over and would like to set up a bookmark for these.  I have installed HoudahGeo on my iMac for home use but I would also like to install HoudahGeo on my MacBook Air to use when I travel.  Could you please tell me the location of the bookmarks file so that I could copy all of my bookmarks from my iMac to my MacBook Air when I am traveling.

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Hi Jerry,

The bookmarks are stored with HoudahGeo preferences in ~/Library/Preferences/com.houdah.HoudahGeo.plist

To access you Library folder, hold down the Option as you select Library from the Go menu in Finder.

Recent versions of OS X make it a bit difficult to copy preferences files. OS X caches preferences in memory for some time. When you quit HoudahGeo, preferences may not be saved to disk immediately. Thus the file you copy may not be the latest one. It may also be overwritten on the destination machine by preferences that were still held in memory.

I recommend you restart both Macs and then copy the preferences file over before launching HoudahGeo on either machine.


Pierre Bernard
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Thanks for your quick response and help.  I found the location with no problems.  HoudahGeo looks like just the solution for my geotagging problems.

Thanks again,
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