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If a directory is entered in locations, does HoudahSpot search inside any enclosed folders, as deep as the folders go, or does HS only search at the folder at the end of the path as entered in locations?

It seems like some files aren't showing unless I put the specific folder in the locations list, even though that specific folder is enclosed in a folder that is already in the locations list.

Could this be a situation where Spotlight needs to re-index?
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Yes, searches cover sub-folders.

HoudahSpot relies on the Spotlight search engine. It will thus only find files that are indexed by Spotlight. There is one exception to this rule that may on occasion have HoudahSpot find more files than expected. When you point HoudahSpot to a folder that is excluded from Spotlight index and run a simple search that does not require additional metadata from the Spotlight index - e.g. a search by name only - the Spotlight engine can come up with matches in the top-level folder.

If you are seeing this behavior on folders that you expect to be indexed, then, yes, your Spotlight index may be damaged and behave as if the folder was not indexed.
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