Hi, I'm a new user of HoudahGeo but registered yesterday as it seemed the best way to generate kmz and kml files for Google Earth and Google Maps.

Although the latitude and longitude shown for photos is correct in Houdah Geo, and they display in the correct place on Google Earth, the information in the bubble that pops up is wrong - the longitude is equal to the latitude. Has anyone else experienced this. It looks like a trivial bug, but I guess I may be doing something wrong.

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Hi Stephen

Yes - I purchased product this week and have exactly the same problem. I am going to contact HoudahGeo Support - unless you already have the answer?

~ Chris ~
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No, I haven't raised a formal support query, and have no solution, so feel free to raise a problem!

At least I'm glad someone else has the same problem. I always have this feeling that I've missed something obvious!
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Sorry I have not joined this thread yet. Don't know how I could have forgotten to reply.

The bug has been earmarked for fixing as soon as it was reported here.

It will be fixed by the next update for HoudahGeo which is due in about a week.

Pierre Bernard
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Thanks. I'll look out for the update.

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