I'm hoping that a HoudahSpot guru following this forum might be able to cast some light on a problem with's built in search.

I have no trouble using either HoudahSpot or Spotlight to find mail messages based on the content of the message body. But for some reason's built in search never finds anything at all, if I click on "Entire Message".

I saved a draft message consisting only the two word phrase  Stupendously exhilarating in the body, with no punctuation. I've tried searching with the Find command in the menu and also with the Search field in the Mail Viewer window. Every other kind of search works as expected, but as soon as I click on "Entire Message" nothing is found.

Both HoudahSpot and Spotlight find this message very rapidly.

I assume all three ways of searching use the same database, right? So I wonder why Mail can't do it?

I have OS X 10.5.8 with all updates through the date of this writing. identifies itself as V3.6 (936).

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Unfortunately, I cannot offer an explanation for why is not finding your message.

Indeed both HoudahSpot and rely on the Spotlight index to find messages.

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