I'm testing houdahspot. I would like to search for pictures by tags.
It seems that keywords in Photos macOS High Sierra have nothing to do with finder tags.
When using Keywords & Tags as search attribute i can't find a single picture .
I don't find either the picture using its name
and using as location all Macintosh HD

what should I do?
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Apple Photos stores photos in a Library. This is a package: a folder that appears as a file in Finder and is meant to be treated as single opaque unit. The structure and contents of the package is not meant to be user-visible.

Thus Spotlight does not index the 
individual files contained within the package. That's why you can't find the images within using HoudahSpot.

Apple Photos does have an option to leave photos in their original location when importing. Then the library will contain previews and metadata, but you will be free to save your original photos where you want and access them with other tools.

Apple Photos does not write metadata (keywords, geotags, …) to the original photo files. Instead it keeps this information in its library database. Some of the metadata can be added to copies of the photos when you share or export images. Until then the metadata is kept separately from the file. Only Apple Photos itself can use metadata like keywords to find your photos.

In short: when you manage your photos using Apple Photos you should turn to Apple Photos when searching for photos.

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