I would like to try HoudahSpot, but I encounter a problem with the GPS data.

I copied the file from my Magellan GPS, and try to convert it for HoudahSpot. It seems to me that none of the sentences in the nmea file are recognised.

I named the Magellan file xyz.nmea.
Here is a sample sentence (copied using textedit) :

Any idea why the coordinates are not converted to a GPX or KML file?


note : I have to copy the file from the Magellan-card instead of downloading because the Magellan is RS232 and I only have USB ports.
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Magellan devices use a proprietary format. The sample you posted is not NMEA.

You will need to use gpsbabel to convert your file:

/Applications/ -i magellan -f input.txt -o gpx -F output.gpx

Unfortunately, HoudahGPS does not expose this feature.

BTW, HoudahSpot is a file search tool (Spotlight frontend). You are probably using either HoudahGPS or HoudahGeo

Pierre Bernard
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Hi Pierre,

thanks for the prompt reply.
I downloaded Babel (and Babel+) ... and got a converted GPX file.
I could then merge the geo-data with the (3) images.

Indeed the Magellan sentences seem not to be 'standard'...

BTW, I was indeed trying out HoudahGeo, not HoudahSpot as I mentioned.

Kind regards
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