I was put onto Houdah by a friend of mine and absolutely love it. He sent me across an example of a simple mail rule he uses which allows him to query by "Mailattachmentname" and "mailattachmenttype". 

I went to replicate the rule but couldnt find these options on my list (including under "Other" critieria). I guessed it was because he was using some mail client which imported the options but he said he only uses Apple Mail. What's weird is that I can use his template rule and it works but I just cant replicate it from scratch. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 
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The list of attributes listed by HoudahSpot comes from the Spotlight database. It depends on the system and the installed applications declaring the attributes they index.

It seems your friend is using a more recent version of / Mac OS X which includes extra attributes.

For a given file, you can see the available attributes by looking at the Inspector window in HoudahSpot.

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