I thought I had seen a similar question posted before but can't seem to find it now that I try searching. My primary reason for using HoudahSpot was/is to search through email msgs. I've got around 20k worth of email (which is odd for someone who doesn't even like people ) and want to see about archiving it. After searching around I came across MailSteward, and it looks like it might be a huge help. The downside is it's ~$50 and I'm not sure it will give me anything HS doesn't already do, and do well. (For example, attachments in MailSteward don't seem to work with Quickview, something HS handles well.)

Is anyone here using MailSteward? Using it in conjunction with/as a replacement for HS?
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MailSteward stores emails in its own SQL database. This allows for complex queries against said database.

The downside is that mails will no longer be stored as files but as records locked into MailSteward's database. They will no longer be visible to Spotlight or HoudahSpot.

HoudahSpot can search emails which are still managed by as well as mail files which you have moved out of Mail's mailboxes. You may thus archive your email to a special folder and set up a HoudahSpot template to search only that folder.

The downside of this solution is that your many mails will continue to "clutter" your regular Spotlight searches.

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Gotcha, meaning I'll have to launch MS to search through my archives. Not really worth it. Got to say, that's not worth the effort. Here's hoping Spotlight can get to the point or being able to search network shares so I could use HS to search email that I archive by simply moving the older msgs to another share.

Thanks for the prompt response!
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