Here's my situation...

I have probably about 200 GB of Nikon RAW (NEF) files in various locations around the world (some are in the cloud, :-) ). Most are local, many are on attached storage.

In the past I have tried to archive/move some to other locations, which has screwed up the pointers in Lightroom. That's fine, because I can rebuild the catalog. What I want to do however is find, say, all files from 2004 to end of 2010 and then organize them by day (or month) in a nested file structure. I know this is possible using HS, however...

I know there are duplicates, because when I've tried this before I've cloned the folders in case "something goes wrong". So how would that work if HS is finding the same file twice? Also, I fear there may be some with duplicate names (as if the image naming algorithm was reset at some point).

Also, is there any utility that you are aware of that can do this on its own? For example, something like...

It uses ExifTool, but there is no GUI for Mac. It just seems like there would be a more robust solution out there for doing this kind of housekeeping.


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I believe you should be able to create your folder structure and sort images into it using the Big Mean Folder Machine.

Unfortunately HoudahSpot offer no tools to find duplicates. There are however several applications out there capable of this task. E.g. TidyUp.

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I have a similar headache that I am dealing with. My own lack of organization skills have about done me in. I have backed up over and over again, now I need to clean out the duplicate files and save the oldest ones. This is especially important as I shoot JPEGs and they degrade the more they are saved so the older ones are crucial to select out (of a sea of duplicates)

There are a few parameters you can play with under "other". I am looking at none with names ending in "_1" since I have many of those. Then, under ALL TRUE I have Pixel Height, width, Created before, content kind (image) and device model (camera I used).

If I see consistent duplicates I look at the file paths and if that points me to a certain folder with the dups then I can elude that folder in my "WHERE" or in my "EXCLUDE" parameters
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