It looks like I am WAY behind... I've been happily using Tembo 1.8 and didn't know a 2.0 was released!

Apologies if this is out there already, but a brief glance at the titles didn't answer: are there any differences between the MAS version and the download version?
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The App Store version is “sandboxed”. It thus needs to ask your permission to access / search folders. Thus it does does offer options to search virtual locations like “local volumes”, “remote volumes” or “user home”. Only folders you point it to and give explicit permission.


Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s.à r.l.

Houdah Software s. à r. l.

HoudahGeo: One-stop photo geocoding
HoudahSpot: Advanced file search utility
Tembo: Easy and effective file search
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Thank you Pierre!

Order placed. Product received. Old Alfred workflow replaced to use the cool new URL scheme. And BLAMO - searches are up and running.

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