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I just bought Houdah Geo the 2nd time (it's about 4 years ago I used it the last time). Now I tried to update my master files (.cr2) with the GPS coordinates and I tried to do this with the following steps:

- Export Originals with GPS information from Aperture (with Sidecar XMP file)
- Import the files into HoudahGeo
- The coordinates are showing up and the places are correct on the map
- Lat/Lon are showing up in the output overview
- I choose Output > EXIF/XMP Export
- I choose the options which you can see on the attached screenshot
- I click to OK and I can see a short progress bar
- Now I delete the sidecar files from the folder
- I import the .CR2 images to Lightroom
- No GPS data is available on the imported images

Does anyone have an idea what the reason could be? Am I missing something or is this "just" a bug?

Thanks in advance,
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If sidecars are present, HoudahGeo works with those.
You could remove sidecars before exporting from HoudahGeo or check the "Bypass sidecars" option.
Tag masters / originals makes no difference here since you are not working with images hosted by Aperture or iPhoto.

Also, you can simplify this workflow:

- In Aperture > Preferences > Previews, set Share XML to Always
- Your Aperture photos will be accessible from the HoudahGeo sidebar. Drag them into the project
- Now use Export EXIF/XMP, check Tag masters / originals and optionally create copies
- Import the tagged files (or copies) into Lightroom

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