thank you for supporting VoiceOver keyboard shortcuts. However, I would like to note that some important ones are missing, especially pausing/resuming speach (i.e. tap with two fingers, or the Control key on a bluetooth keyboard), VO-F for VoiceOver item search, VO-Shift-M for drag and drop (i.e. double-tap  and hold). Apart from that, some shortcuts in the Special menu have wrong labels, for instance, "Add Label to Selected Item" actually executes the "Magic Tap" (i.e. double-tap with two fingers) for pausing/resuming the current action, or the shortcuts for adjusting the standard rotor and its current setting when QuickNav is turned on are mislabeled as "Quick Nav - Adjust the Speech Rotor" and "Quick Nav - Select the Previous/Next Item Specified by the Speech Rotor", respectively.

And one more thing, one can not assign keyboard shortcuts in Type2Phone using VoiceOver, as the button for this purpose, under Special > Customize Special Menu Shortcuts, is not accessible. However, fortunately, the shortcuts can be added using Mac System Keyboard Preferences, but it would be better if one could do it in the app and if there is a possiblity to export and import custom keyboard shortcuts. At first, I thought that in the app, one can at least customize the names of the shortcuts,, because their names in the table under "Customize Special Menu Shortcuts" are editable, but if you rename them, it has no effect. It's a shame because VoiceOver on Mac  speaks the shortcut name every time you perform it, which is a bit annoying as the names are quite verbose.

Kind regards
Adam Samec
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Thank you for the feedback.

Type2Phone simulates VoiceOver keyboard shortcuts. I will have to check if these changed in iOS 10.
The "Add Label to Selected Item” sends the "VO + /" key combination.


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thank you for the reply. I found out why "Add Label to Selected Item" is performing the "Double-tap and hold with two fingers" instead. It's because I use the Czech language HW keyboard layout, and the keycode which on the English keyboard generates the "/" (slash) character generates the "-" (dash) character on the Czech keyboard instead. And because Type2Phone is sending keycodes rather than the actual characters, the wrong command gets performed (as VO-dash is for double-tap and hold). So either Type2Phone should send different keycodes based on which keyboard layout is selected in the app, or better yet, allow the user to modify the already available keyboard shortcuts and also to create his own new ones  to be sent to the device. This way you will not need to check the shortcuts every time a new version of iOS released and the user would be able to add shortcuts which are missing, as those I have mentioned. However, if you will be able to stay up-to-date and complete, it will be also appreciated :-) Nevertheless, the shortcuts for adjusting the rotor when QuickNav is on, are really mislabeled, I guess.

Thank you for taking for considaration also my other suggestions mentioned in the post.
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