I bought a Networx iGeo device which came with HoudahGeo GE 2.6.6, and I'm trying to work out how to use it.  The help file and all the online resources I can find show the option to export to KML, amongst other export options.  My software only shows me the option to export the Exif metadata.

The "check for updates... " menu options tells me "HoudahGeo GE 2.6.6/3269 is currently the newest version available", although it appears from the HoudagGeo site that later versions are available.

Is this a crippled version of the software that comes with the Networx iGeo, or am I missing something?
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The version that ships with the Networx iGeo indeed has a limited feature set.

You may however upgrade for free to the full version. You just need to download it from

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