I have a search:

Last opened with last 1 days
Content kind is Any

User home folder

Limit 10,000

It misses 2 Scrivener project files, but not others, and the same for Pages.

The missing files were opened in the last 2 hours.

Where did I go wrong?
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Please try the following:

1. From the Window menu in HoudahSpot, select File Info. This opens the Info window.
2. Locate one of the missing files in Finder, drag-and-drop it to the Info window in HoudahSpot

The window will show the information Spotlight has for the file. Check specifically for the Last Opened date.

Also check that the lower part of the window has more than basic info on the file. I.e. anything specific to the file type. E.g. author. If only generic information (file name, date created, file size, owner, etc) is shown, the file may not be indexed by Spotlight.


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Indeed, the items were not indexed. Thanks!
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