My folder is empty. Can I download a fresh copy?
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Have you used a tool like AppZapper or CleanMyMac to uninstall HoudahSpot. 

Their app uninstall features are meant to reclaim every last bit of disk space used by an application you don't plan on ever using again. Usually these leave files in your Documents folder alone, but trash preferences and files in the Application Support and Caches folder. For HoudahSpot that includes the license and the templates. It is not a good idea to use such uninstallers on applications you plan to update or use again later. Chances are good you will have lost valuable data or settings.

You can re-install the sample templates from HoudahSpot > Preferences > Templates.

You will need to restore custom templates from a backup. You can access the templates folder from HoudahSpot > Preferences > Templates.  Click “Go to Templates Folder”. From there you can check Time Machine.


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