I have a folder called GREP Tips. Last modification date was in 2010. I just added a few files to the folder and Get Info and List View in finder show the current date and time as the Date Last Modified. But in HoudahSpot 3.5.2 on Lion 10.7.3 it keeps showing the old modification date. I have quit HoudahSpot and even restarted my machine but the date in HoudahSpot remains as 2010.

If this was a Finder or Spotlight problem, why would it show up in Get Info and Finder views correctly?

Is there a way to force it to update?

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HoudahSpot gets its information from the Spotlight database rather than directly from the file system.

Seems like the Spotlight database has gone out of sync. Usually opening a file is sufficient to trigger Spotlight reindexing it. If not, please try mdimport at the command line in

[CODE]mdimport /path/to/the/folder[/CODE]

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Hi tway. Did mdimport resolve the issue for you? I have one issue here closely similar to yours.
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