Working over time with HoudahGeo on my older Mac, I've saved many favorite "Places" so I can quickly recall them when tagging photos. Now I'm installing HoudahGeo on a new Mac and would like to transfer those saved Places from the old Mac to the new Mac. I hate the thought of needing to go back and recreate all of those favorites over again.

Is there a way to export/import those favorites, or copy a preferences file, or duplicate the old install...??

How can I move the saved favorite places from the old machine to the new?
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Places are stored in a file named "Places-5.0.storedata". This lives at "~/Library/Application Support/HoudahGeo".

To get to the folder:

1. In Finder, hold down the option key while you select Library from the Go menu
2. From the Library folder navigate to "Application Support/HoudahGeo"

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