After reading this article about GPS4CAM and Multiple Cameras:

I then assumed I could snap a picture of the QR Code with each camera I used on my trip. With that in mind, I would then use the QR code for each individual camera's set of photos in HoudahGeo for geotagging.

Does the above sound accurate?


Regarding the screenshot on p.11 of the user guide for HoudahGeo found here:

Can you advise on the scenarios on the gps4cam tab why a user would opt to either check or uncheck the 'delegate geocoding to gps4cam' box? I would assume if you have a QR code, and you are on the gps4cam tab, you want gps4cam to do the geocoding? Please help me understand the need for this checkbox.




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HoudahGeo can call upon gps4cam for 2 tasks:

1. Retrieve a track log to use for geocoding
2. Determine the camera clock settings

For the first task it does not matter which camera is used to take a photograph of the QR code.

If you want to use the QR code to determine camera clock settings, you need to take a photograph of the QR code with each camera. Load the photos from different cameras in separate HoudahGeo projects.

HoudahGeo’s automatic geocoding matches photo timestamps to the two closes points on the track log. It then uses linear interpolation to determine where the photo was taken. Settings available from the Process > Geocode using GPS data… menu item allow you to customize this algorithm.

When you check 'delegate geocoding to gps4cam’, HoudahGeo will ask gps4cam to match photos to the track log and determine where these were taken. gps4cam has its own algorithm which may produce slightly different results. The option exists for users who migrate over from using the gps4cam desktop application and want to get the exact same results they are used to.


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