After i finish my work and try to close Houdah, it asks me if I want to save the changes. And when I try to save under the same name, it gives this error: 

"The document “PICTURES_HOUDAH” could not be saved. Multiple validation errors occurred."

How I can save my file? I don't want to give a different name because I lost the keywords when I do so.

And secondly, you should add a keyword manager to the application like the one in the Photos app. 
Let me give you an example;

picture one, keywords: a, b, c
picture two, keywords: b, a, c

When I want to add a fourth keyword, d,  to both pictures and select all, the program shows "multiple keywords" and deletes a, b, c and writes only d. It shouldn't delete the previous keywords, they are the same, just the order is different. (the problem does not occur when the keyword order is the same)

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The message "Multiple validation errors occurred" means that some part of the document data has values or a combination of values that are not allowed. This could be as simple as some value being out of range (e.g. coordinate > 180 degrees) or a deep running data structure problem (e.g. a stray track segment that belongs to no track).

In any case this points to a bug. HoudahGeo should not let you enter invalid data and should refuse to read in invalid data. Unfortunately there is not much you can do to fix the document.

You can check /Applications/Utilities/ > All Error Messages. There may be a more detailed error message that could help locating what exactly is wrong with the document.

You could also try removing tracks and files from the project one by one in hopes to reach a state where you can save the partial document.

The unfortunate truth is that document got into a state that it should never have gotten into.

HoudahGeo applies edits to the keywords to all selected images. There have been requests for a keyword editor that allows for adding and removing keywords from several images at once - without overwriting the other keywords of the images.

I will have to evaluate if there are situations where the order of keywords if of importance.


Pierre Bernard
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Thanks for the detailed reply Pierre.

I look forward for a keyword editor like the one in Photos app [smile]

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