I've been using gps4cam pro for a while now, but because of it's unreliable nature (I think the developer has abandoned the app all together!) I feel like I need to find a more solid solution. I've dug out my old Holux M-241 and it still works! Bluetooth transfer is still pretty slow and slightly sketchy feeling though.

One thing I really liked about gps4cam pro was the use of the qr code. I liked that it would autocorrect the capture time of the photos and also make changes to the timezone of the image to that of where the gps device was located, that is if you keep your camera set to your home time for the entire trip.

Is there any possibility for implementing a similar feature where timezones are automatically adjusted based on the actual location from the gps track log? I did read a blog entry regarding this, but adding and subtracting time manually seems kind of silly considering all the necessary information is readily available in the gps log. But of course I could be missing something very important.

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HoudahGeo focusses on geotagging. It only corrects the photo timestamp as needed. You tell HoudahGeo your camera was set to EST time zone and going 1 minute fast. With this info, HoudahGeo knows exactly when the photo was taken and can match it to a GPS track log. On export, you have the option to export the corrected timestamp. HoudahGeo will add time zone offset info to EXIF and shift the time value by the 1 minute your camera was fast.

There is a blog post explaining how to “abuse” this to change the time value in EXIF metadata. You could apply the procedure to subsets of your photos to change the time and time zone to reflect local time at the places you visited.

I understand that you would like HoudahGeo to apply these adjustments automatically. I have added this to the feature requests.

For HoudahGeo 5, a feature along those lines was under consideration. It would have allowed to specify a time zone to use for each image. This however would have been confusing. Not only would it add a third concept next to camera time zone and display time zone. It would also be unclear if that time zone was to be used to interprete times coming from the camera or when exporting timestamps.

An alternative would be to have the option to export timestamps using an automatically calculated “local timezone”.


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