not sure if this qualifies as a question OR a feature request:

it's not widely known - and possibly no one cares - but in a music file, the title of the song is not the same as the file name - the song title is a piece of metadata like everything else.

so if the song title is

all the things you are

the file name could be

01.  all the things you are.mp3

what's the difference?  Why does it matter?

two things:

* I sometimes like to organize the search results alphabetically, which I can NOT do if there's a number preceding the song title.  they will always sort by numerical order.

* I have a bunch of sound files where the external file name is
disc 1 - track 1
or something like that, but the song title is actually
all the things you are

so what we need is a song title option, both for searching and for displaying the results of a search.  Does this exist in houdahspot currently?



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It exists. :-)

The attribute is called "Title" and may be used as criterion or as a column.

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thank you!  I looked under "song" and "name" but didn't think of title!

that's excellent - am digging HOUDAH more and more!


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