Before deleting a folder on an old hard drive, I need to be absolutely sure that all the files exist somewhere on my main disk (8TB). How can I do that?

No, I can't do a search one file at a time with HS. I'll die before I finish. 
No, I can't go with folder comparison or syncing (DeltaWalker is pretty good with this) because folder structures change over time.
No, I will not simply copy all of them and then find for duplicates. I tried: a nightmare.

HS seems so perfect to to this.

I work on 3 different computers. I have 12 external hard disk, from 500GB to 4TB to 8TB.
Of course, with the larger capacities, I could now reduce to 3: 1 main disk and 2 backups (one home and one outside). These disks are 8TB each. Each has all my data. I want to get rid of my 9 older disks... after making sure I do have everything.


ps. Je suis toujours un grand fan de ton produit. Merci Pierre.
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You can use HoudahSpot to search for the files one by one or search for a list of files. This does have its limitations. Even with a list of files, this sounds like way too much work.

You could use HoudahSpot to create one list of files on disk A and a second list of files on disk B. Search for file name contains * (wildcard that matches any character). In both lists show columns for name, file size, modification date, and path. Then save both lists of files as CSV files.

You can use DeltaWalker, Apple's FileMerge app (part of Xcode), or the command-line "diff" tool to compare both CSV files.

You can also import both lists in a spreadsheet and try to find differences. I would start by importing one file and then marking all rows with the same color. Then import the second file. Then sort by name. You should get a pattern of alternating row colors: the same file once in one list and once in the other. That should give you a rough idea of what is missing.

You could ask your spreadsheet to group rows by name, file size, and modification date. Every group should have 2 rows. Groups with only one row point to a problem.

Still, I'd prefer to use a tool like FileMerge to simply compare both files.
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That's a very complete answer with possible solutions. I'll try it and see. 
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