I've uninstalled ACTPrinter from my Windows Vista system, but it still tries to open on start up.  I want it gone from my computer.  It has messed up my wireless connection and I need to reset the IP and connection every time I reboot.  It has brought my wireless printer to a standstill and I can't even figure out how to get the printer to reset as no commands to the printer, either manually or via computer configuration even seem to get to the printer anymore, so I will most likely need to send it back to HP for repair.  Give me very specific info on how to get this OFF my system, PLEASE!
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Our program in no way modifies anything with your wireless network, however, I have provided the instructions below to remove the product from your computer.

1)  Goto the control panel within "Programs and features"
2)  Remove the following programs which are installed with ACTPrinter

-ACTPrinter Win Client
-Bonjour Print Services

3)  If the program is stall attempting to start at boot, you can delete the shortcut for ACTPrinter Win from within the Start Menu ->All Programs ->Startup folder.

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You can just prevent it from opening at startup. 

Click start, then run, type msconfig. Click startup tab and uncheck this software. 
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