Hi, I just got HoudahSpot in a bundle, wold not have tried it otherwise.

I like the pop-out menu that runs saves searches. I am still trying search criterion but it looks pretty nice over all.

Two things that I am noticing so far, one, I don't like more than one search going on at the same time. I am sure others really like it, perhaps there could be a preference setting or a modifier key setting to trigger multiple searches for those who like them? I find it annoying that when I trigger a search, I am focused on those search results. Then when I go for another search, I no longer want to find the old search window causing clutter and confusion when I am reading the results.

Second is I would like it if the background and maybe the search panel  background had user set colors for the backgrounds. I use a lot of photo apps and I guess I am pretty used to a good visual backdrop.

Keep up the god work. Thanks for hearing my suggestions.

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Not too sure what you mean about only liking one a search. If so why not just run a search, close it and then start another one? (Or modify the existing one.)

I would like to be able to change the background and text colours of the search results though. Leap allows this and I use a colour similar to iPhoto with dark background and white text.

Also when Lion is released the scrollbar is hidden by default and will only be shown when scrolling. So HoudahSpot's thumbnail size slider would probably be better placed at the bottom, like Finder, iPhoto, Leap and most other apps.

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What I mean about the one of a kind search. How I use HoudaHoudahSpotpot is like a super tool to find things - when I am thinking of something I want to find. I have the default pop-out menu on the left side of my screen, and I like that.

I get involved with many projects and it is difficult sometimes for me to remember where I put something or which version was the last one I was working on. I am learning to save searches that look for things I normally need to find. I also depend heavily on metadata tags as I have been using Leap for over a year already.

When I move my mouse to the far left of my screen, I am thinking of finding something, so I click on a saved search. I look at the HoudahSpot result, and maybe modify it as I like if it isn’t quite finding what I want.

Or I realize, I need another saved search that will save me some time just to launch it. Instead of the first search window getting over-written with the new search or closed out, I get a second search window. If I do it again I get a third, etc.

Perhaps I am still thinking in Leaps paradigm, one window for all search results. But I still do like that idea. I can see the point of wanting more than one search running, that is why I suggested a preference setting so that a new search closes all open searches or something?

At the very least there could be a managing window so that if you really want HoudahSpot to always launch many searches you could have a Grand Central window to show or hide any active search. Again I realize we all have different ways of seeing things, for me I want apps that help me find, organize, and focus. HoudahSpot seems good at finding, the templates make organizing doable, but my suggestions is really about focus. Too many searches open at once makes it hard to focus.
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  1. I am seeing that there could be more NOT operators in the search selections. "Name contains..." is there, but what about Name NOT contains ..."? Also, “Content kind is Image”. What about “Content kind is NOT image”?
  2. I like “Save As”. I can save searches wherever I like and use Keyboard Maestro or other ways of launching my favorite searches. Is there anyway to save as a Finder saved search? I am not sure if HoudahSpot is going to replace Leap completely, Leaps best functionality came when I learned to custom make Finder saved searched and then import those into Leap. If HoudahSpot could save it's searches as Finder saved search formatted searches, I could use those in Leap as well.
  3. Remember window positions in saved searches. It looks like views are saved, this is good. But for some searches I want a full screen window with images, other searches I am concentrating more on a list. It appears the window dimensions are currently NOT saved.

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Thank you for the feedback.

I think the multiple windows are an important feature of HoudahSpot. I believe that most customers like that feature. If not, I hope for others to voice their opinion here.

HoudahSpot uses NOT groups to negate criteria. You will need to nest your "Name contains…" criterion in a NOT group.

HoudahSpot searches cannot be saved as Finder Smart Folders. One of the reasons for this being that HoudahSpot supports search features not available in the Finder.

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Gentle Bump. Hello, I just posted another gentle bump on a thread suggesting adding saved searched like bookmarks to the running HS window.

With respect to the HS team wanting to keep multiple windows, even if your put a menu for templates that could be accessed, it could still open a new window. I see it as more a matter of convenience and I still think it would be nice. Although at this point I have grown comfortable with the pop-out window. I use it this way all the time now. Just clarifying.

And FW, I have not gone over to Lion yet. Eventually I will but I am not in a hurry. From what I hear, I am not alone on this point. But, having the grey background is probably the most important suggestion I could make anymore.

This is really a great app, one of my favorites to be sure.

Thanks again

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