As the title, it seemed that HoudshGeo didn't support the device of Wintec WBT 202. I tried to use both devices of "WBT-100/WBT-200" or "WBT-201/WBT-1000" to export GPS data from WBT-202.
If I used USB port to export, OK button can't be pushed. From the port of Bluetooth seemed work but got the alarm of "can't determine device type" finally.

I'm not sure you have a plan to support WBT-202 but hope you can support it soon.

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The Wintec WBT-202 is actually my favorite GPS track logger. One of the reasons for that is that it does not need a special driver or software. The device has a “Mass Storage Device” (MSD) mode. When in MSD mode, the device mounts in Finder just like a USB drive would. On the drive you will find the track logs as .TES files. These can be used directly with HoudahGeo.

To enter MSD mode:

  1. Turn on the WBT-202
  2. Connect the unit to any USB port of computer via USB cable 
  3. Press the power button until both the GPS LED and Bluetooth LED go out. The device is switched to MSD mode now. At this moment, the orange Micro-SD LED will light on


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Thanks for reply so quickly. it workable now. Thanks a lot. Plan to purchase it. ^_^
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