I'm trying to write lat/long data to original photo images. Imported photos and GPX file from my Garmin Oregon. Lat and Long are being calculated and shown in the HoudahGeo columns, but when I try to write the data to the original photos in iPhoto the data is not showing up there. Interestingly enough all the lat long data comes up when I restart HoudahGeo and reload those same images again. Must be getting the data from somewhere, maybe the HoudahGeo project file remembers the data. Sure wish I could get the data onto the original photo exif header. What can I be doing wrong? When the export metadata dialog box comes up, I have selected images only and tag masters box checked. I've tried it with the second box checked as well and still nothing. It has worked for me before. Is there a setting in iPhoto that is blocking the action?
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Found the solution. In iPhoto you have to select one are all the images, right click and select recan for location. Don't remember having to do that before, but problem solved.
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Glad you found the workaround. This should however not be needed.

Did you give HoudahGeo the go-ahead to notify the iPhoto library?
Are you running the latest versions of HoudahGeo and iPhoto?

As you export from HoudahGeo, could you check /Applications/Utilities/ for error messages?

I suspect HoudahGeo was unable to locate the image within your iPhoto library. Are you using multiple libraries?

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