After the EXIF/XMP export most of my pictures (not all) in my Aperture library have no altitude information only the GPS coordinates.

However HoudahGeo finds an altitude information for every picture.

Also tried to "inform iPhoto/aperture" (Icon right next to EXIF/XMP export) afterwards, but with the same result. Here the option window with all the checkboxes states for "altitude" -> only iPhoto but why are some pictures tagged with an altitude in Aperture then?

Don't get it.

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OK, it seems this is a bug in Aperture.
The information for the altitude is not processed when the pictures are already imported in Aperture.

I first tagged the pictures and then imported them into Aperture what solved the problem.
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Aperture has an option to reprocess the master image. It then reads in the updated EXIF data. That would explain why some of your images picked up the altitude information.

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Sorry for the late replay.

Of course makes sense.Thanks for the Tip.
Will try that, next time.

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