I am seriously considering buying HoudahGeo for the sole purpose of copying and pasting geotags.

I'm using the latest version of apple photos and el captain (non beta's) whenever I copy and paste a geotag and select notify libraries, it says there are no photos selected. Clearly, this is not the case as illustrated in the photo I've included.

Thus, I must be doing something wrong. What am I doing wrong exactly?

Thanks in advance!

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Notifying photo libraries currently works only with iPhoto and Aperture. This feature relies on Apple Script to talk to iPhoto or Aperture. With the Apple Photos application Apple Script can only be used to read out locations, but these cannot be written back. Photos currently has no programmatic interface that HoudahGeo could use to notify it of changes.

That is the reason why I still recommend tagging photos before importing into Apple Photos.


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