I love the program, and I use it all the time to find sources on my computer out of thousands and thousands of pdfs. 

But, I find it particularly frustrating the the program does not distinguish between a pdf that mentions a word only once and a pdf that mentions the word one-hundred times.  If I am looking for an article about Sweden, then I clearly want only the latter, and not the one that mentions Sweden only once in passing.  I would really love some way to distinguish between the two.   

Here are a list of ideas that I brainstormed that could help:

One option would be to have the # of hits for your search terms listed somewhere in the column views.  Or, if that is too complicated, to be able to sort the results by the number of hits, so that you would know which files had the most and the least.   Or, maybe it could be an option in the "Query Inspector" window (though that is my least favorite option of the three).  

Alternatively, and perhaps even better, would it be possible to have a search feature where you could specify the minimum number of hits?  
For example, if a criteria were: 
        --Any Text contains words-- "Sweden"
You could also have the sub-option:
        --At least x times-- "5"
Then when I did a search HoudahSpot would only show files that had the word "Sweden" appear 5 or more times.  Obviously, I would like to be able to adjust the number anywhere from 1 to 100 (for example).   

With this feature the program would be hands down the greatest program ever!  

Thanks for all the great work you've put in to the program! 


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Thank you for the feedback.

I am afraid this is not possible by solely relying on the Spotlight engine. HoudahSpot would need to inspect each found file one by one to determine the hit count.

Pierre Bernard
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