Does Houdah spot recommend using OM or Mavericks tags preferentially?

On HS 3.8 there is the option to fill Mavericks tags for files in the window. But I have thousands of files and it would seem problematic to have some converted and other not converted. What do you recommend, and is there a utility that will convert (copy) all of the tags.

HoudahSpot is a great program!!!


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HoudahSpot 3.8 writes both OM and Mavericks tags.
This ensures broadest compatibility.

The latest version helps you copy Open Meta tags over to Mavericks tags.
There are templates to search for tagged files.
In the Results menu, you will find an option to select files where both tags don’t match
Once you have selected these files you can use another option from the Results menu to merge tag values.
Your tags will now be saved both as Open Meta and Mavericks tags. This ensures maximum compatibility.

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